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University of Cambridge

Madingley Hall, Cambridge, UK


Conflict Archaeology: is a sub-discipline within the traditional field of archaeology. It is characterised by an interdisciplinary archaeological and anthropological approach. Importantly, it involves an interpretation which considers the experience of living through conflict, and how this shapes the archaeological record in specific ways. Conflict Archaeology examines the legacy of war as understood and explored through heritage and material culture.

Madingley Hall is home to the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE).


University College London

London UK,  Digital

Anthropology of Social Media: I examined the increasing importance of images in communication and the reasons why people post memes, selfies and photographs. The course explored the impact of social media on a wide range of topics including politics, education, gender, commerce, privacy and equality.

1993 - 1997

London University of the Arts

London, UK

Bachelor of Business & Design: 

A focus on developing business skills and being able to think creatively and critically, communicate professionally, make ethical business decisions and work in a global context.

Graduate with deep knowledge and experience in the design major. The course includes accounting, advertising, economics, finance, financial planning, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, or public relations.

Work experience

2017 - present

Amazon (Private Label Start Up)

Managing Partner | Roo Biomechanics

Australia | China | HK | Europe

Ideation | Communications | End to end management  | | Influence Oversight | Sales and Distribution​


  • Oversee marketing in Premium Sports Category

  • Develop and manage alliance partnerships, traditional and digital media, experiential and one to one campaigns

  • Build and maintain strategic partnerships with leading sports brands

Key achievements:

  • Identified a new market for high performance sports tapes that could topically deliver high performance vitamins and medication. Managed prototyping, production, marketing and product launch

  • Created partnerships with the elite sports brands and athletes

  • FY 19/20: EBIT + 31%, Gross Revenue +164%, NPS 88 (YOY +16)


Atomic 212

Founder | CMO | CEO

Australia | NZ | Japan | China

Leadership | Strategy | Client Service | BUsiness Development & Growth


  • Director Marketing, Media, Data Analytics, Traditional and Digital Creative, NPD and Performance groups

  • Oversee and direct new business process

  • Manage merger and acquisition of media and creative business, develop and implement change/transformation strategy 

  • P&L, business group strategy, financial accountability, new business growth

  • Key client accounts: MG, Nespresso, Rockstar, NSW Gov, NT Gov, Nestle, Lend Lease

Key Achievements:

  • Runner up Australian Media Executive of the Year | CEO Magazine

  • Wrote and implemented the Nike Digital Marketing Strategy | Australasia

  • Gross Sales by 253% to $231 million, EBIT +72%


Dentsu Sydney

General Manager


Leadership | Negotiation | Digital Media | Project Direction| Influence | Planning & Buying

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage the merging of MPG and Woolworths Aegis strategic planning, communications and media businesses. 

  • P&L accountability for Optus, Virgin Mobile, Singtel, Big W, Woolworths Supermarkets, Dan Murphys and BWS

  • Provide the vision and strategy for the overall financial health of the WAC Audience & Media Department within Dentsu Aegis Group.

Key achievements:

  • Retained Woolworths client as tender incumbent, Gross Sales Billings + $284 million

  • Launched Woolworths@Carat

  • Staff retention during Woolworths pitch


Deloitte Digital



Technology Advisory | Communications Strategy | Management Consulting

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage Deloitte's Digital marketing consulting capability and service offer in Sydney, manage agency partners and technology vendors.

  • Oversee creative, digital and website development staff delivering 85% utilisation at full FTE hourly rates

  • Provide Automotive clients with a marketing and technology based advisory service

Key Achievements:

  • Developed Digital Marketing Strategy for Holden, Ford, Telstra Consumer, Sydney Opera House and Qantas

  • Promoted to National Digital Leadership Team

  • Won Ford, Qantas, Telstra, AMP, Treasury and NSW Gov accounts


Saatchi & Saatchi

General Manager

New Zealand

Creative Planning | Advertising | Communications | Project Leadership | Production

Key responsibilities:

  • Grow and develop the Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive brand

  • Oversee digital creative output and strategic planning for Toyota, Lexus, Heineken, Telecom NZ

  • Manage and lead agency offering a range of services including strategic consulting, communications, technology and creative.

Key achievements:

  • Cannes Lion Toyota Prius (runner up), Cannes Gold Lion - Digital

  • Developed a business case for the launch of a Wireless Mobile Business. Launched two new companies Saatchi Wireless (mobile marketing) and Sneeze (viral marketing)

  • Managed the acquisition and merger of Netpointers Denmark, developed and implemented transformation plan for Wellington and Auckland offices.

  • Appointed to World Wide digital leadership team in Los Angelas, USA


MediaCom (CEO Digital) | Ogilvy & Mather (General Manager) | MindShare (Business Director) | BBDO (Media Director)

About Jason Dooris


Jason Dooris was born in Ireland and grew up in Africa and Europe, spending his young adulthood in London. Jason Dooris then settled in Australia via New Zealand. To date its been quite an adventure for Dooris. Jason Dooris “I have enjoyed my roots-down travels that being that I’ve tried to spend long periods in most of the places that I’ve lived in, giving me time to absorb the culture, the people and the business community.”


Jason Dooris started a career in advertising in London in 1996. “It was a wonderful time and place to learn and Ogilvy & Mather were the ideal parents to kick start a global career. My experience is unusual in that it includes product development, marketing, media, creative and management consulting - if I was fond of cliches I could say its a true end to end, full cycle experience, which indeed it is.” Jason Dooris


To date Jason Dooris has been privileged to work for some great global organisations like MediaCom, Deloitte, Saatchi & Saatchi and Dentsu while Dooris represented a broad range of successful and challenger clients brands, many at quite exciting times in their development such as Nike going digital, Qantas going online and Emirates sponsoring Chelsea’s and SoftBank launching Pepper the Robot.


In 2010 Jason Dooris set up Atomic 212, a creative media business. Dooris sold the business  2018 a year after being named New Zealand & Australian Agency of the Year and with a. Roster of leading BlueChip clients.


A change of direction in 2018 saw Dooris focus on the growing sports technology category where he developed a range of products designed to aid injury recovery and assist peak performance athletes. “Now in use by some of Australia’s leading athletes, a natural extension, particular in todays world, was use by first responder services and the military to assist in battlefield injury recovery.” Jason Dooris. The research developed in the past year of two has by far been my most rewarding career years to date.


“Its been an exciting first half!” Jason Dooris


+61 427 198 366



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